About us | History

The name Al Rawi is a trade name for experience and quality. Al Rawi Electrical & Mechanical LLC was founded in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates and has been for a long time as one of the leading electro-mechanical engineering companies for multidisciplinary tasks. Governments and governmental agencies, utilities, industrial corporations and private engineering contractors all value us as a reliable partner for their projects.

Al Rawi comprises of experienced personnel, serving in the industry with a combined experience of more than 40 years.

The company Al Rawi Electrical & Mechanical LLC was founded by Mr. Shabbir Kalimi, an entrepreneur with great vision for the capabilities in the emerging electrical industry. Al Rawi engineers succeeded in producing pioneering innovations in the design and construction of power stations as well as power transmission and distribution facilities.

Our engineers are working together using the state-of-the-art technologies to help realize the end products efficiently and successfully. Clients throughout the country value our future-oriented expertise as well as our extensive experience in projects, especially where challenges with complex requirements are demanded.

Trusted partner:

We can be trusted since we offer our We have close ties with all the primary customers security. continuity. and suppliers and distributors for various transparency

We support you:

We offer our clients top—c|ass consulting and support for all questions that relate to our services & products.

User-friendly performance:
We supply application-oriented. flexible systems and solutions that guarantee our clients high productivity and availability.coupled with low operating costs

Local expertise:

We have close ties with all the primary customers security. continuity. and suppliers and istributors for various transparency products which enable us in procuring materials at ease

Affordable innovation:
We develop innovative products and services at the highest possible level of quality at fair market prices. which provide our clients with clear competitive advantages.

After sales support:
Even after the contract has been signed.we offer our clients top-class customer care. support. and a spare parts service that goes beyond the usual period